The 10 Best Shopify Review apps [2020 ultimate list]

The 10 Best Shopify Review apps [2020 ultimate list]

Simba‘s choice of best Shopify review apps to gain customer’s trust and drive more traffic to your website.

Product review is a game-changer in the e-commerce world. Valuable feedbacks boost your sales and build loyalty with your customers. 

According to a study, 89% of buyers read reviews before purchasing. It is also just as crucial that you allow your clients to share their feelings about their purchases from you. After you create a Shopify store, reviews are significant snippets that build credibility.

The reality is that many people are reluctant to take chances. Before making a purchase, they would rather listen to others’ experiences.

If you don’t have a review app on your Shopify store, don’t waste time. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best Shopify review apps.  

Best Shopify review apps:

  1. Stamped.IO
  2. Loox Photo Review
  3. Editorify
  4. Rivyo Product Review
  6. Opinew
  7. Kudobuzz Testimonials & Review 
  8. Reputon Customer Reviews
  9. Collectus: Product Reviews
  10. Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC

#1 Stamped.IO

Rating: 4.9

Stamped.IO is one of the best Shopify review apps that helps you collect reviews via email.

In-mail reviews ease the process of collecting reviews from customers who made orders but forget to write feedback on your online shop. 

One of this tool’s main benefits is that it offers a request form for an in-email review to produce further customer feedback. This is an essential feature because it encourages shop owners to search for feedback proactively, which is the best way to increase their ratings and generate further sales.

Additionally, online shop owners can customize emails to match their brand’s visual identity. One of’s useful features is that customers can leave feedback directly in the email, so they don’t have to click to another form, thus omitting the obstacle to action. With Stamped.IO, you’ll get even more reviews because of simplifying the process of getting them!

#2 LOOX Photo Reviews

Rating: 4.9

LOOX is one of the best Shopify review apps that boost conversions, push more traffic from shared consumer feedback to social media, and integrates SEO data from that feedback. With Loox, shop owners can automatically collect reviews, as requests for photo feedback are submitted to customers in return for discount coupons. You can also change the timing, review type, font, size, and color to fit your store. Besides, Loox-Photo Reviews allows you to display all reviews in one place and post them on social media.


Additionally, this app provides translations into several languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Dutch, to give buyers from all over the world more detail.

Moreover, the Loox app allows buyers to upload a picture of their purchase, which is much more accurate than the images used on your website.

#3 Editorify

Rating: 4.8

Editorify Product Review is a Shopify review app that displays reliable users’ feedback, leading to more sales and building trust with your customers. You can add product reviews, as well as high-quality photo reviews, from major e-commerce sites such as Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, Taobao, and more. Also, you can import videos from Youtube or Vimeo to help your customers learn more about your products.

Editorify is an easy-to-use app for every online shop owner. Moreover, the app integrates with Importify, Dropfied, Oberlo, Zonify, and Epressfy dashboards. 

#4 Rivyo Product Review

Rating: 4.9

Rivyo is one of the best Shopify review apps that all the Shopify store administrators need to have. The app helps you sell more and promote better SEO by showing site reviews, product reviews, and customer images feedback. You can import or export multiple reviews as in CSV files.

Rivyo Product Review

You can also dismiss several unrelated questions that are no longer needed and create an interface review page to show the total reviews of each product and then add a single line code to the page that has already been created to display all reviews.


Rating: 5 is one of the best and top-rated Shopify review apps that allows online shop owners to boost their sales and drive organic traffic. This app offers coupons in exchange for user’s reviews in the forms of text or pictures of the product. Moreover, the reviews can be shown on Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook, and Twitter. Thus, you can get customers’ trust and increase your sales. provides widgets to help online shops create the review section in line with their shop’s visual identity. product review app’s price is affordable for all online shop owners; forever free of charge or fixed cost of 15$ every month.  

#6 Opinew

Rating: 4.9

Opinew is one of the best Shopify review apps that helps online shop owners increase their sales and encourage customers to buy more products by offering coupons. The Opinew app enables you to add product reviews from AliEpress, Amazon, and eBay to your Shopify store. The app provides email requests for customer’s reviews, too. This option is so useful because many customers may forget to leave reviews on the website. So, online shop owners can use this feature to enrich their feedbacks and build trust.

Opinew; Best Shopify review apps

The review widget and email templates are fully customizable to fit your brand. Different languages are also supported, including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Korean, and many others. 

#7 Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews by Kudobuzz

 Rating: 4.6

Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews by Kudobuzz, is an excellent Shopify review app. The app helps Shopify store administrators gather and display customer reviews on their website with four customizable widgets. With this app, you can send emails to customers to collect their reviews so that you won’t miss out on any potential review.

Photos,Social & Etsy Reviews

Moreover, you can enable Google Rich Snippets on the app to show reviews and star ratings on Google search engine results. Thus, you can bring in more sales and customer engagement while boosting your brand reputation and SEO. 

#8 Reputon Customer Reviews

Rating: 4.8

Reputon Customer Reviews is a great Shopify review app that helps Shopify store administrators collect customer reviews when they receive their orders. This app helps you send survey emails and redirect the happy reviews to a review site that you prefer — such as Yelp, Google reviews, Trust Pilot, Facebook reviews page, Foursquare, and more. With that, you can minimize the risk of negative product reviews on review sites. They will further redirected to you so you can contact the unhappy customer and solve their problem.

Reputon Customer Reviews Shopify app; Best Shopify review apps

Reputon Customer Reviews supports many languages, so you don’t have to worry about it. Last but not least, the app integrates with many review apps. 

#9 Collectus: Product Reviews

Rating: 4.9

Collectus is a free customer review collector & analytics app on the Shopify app store. The app helps you collect feedback at the right time, engage with customers, and manage product and photo reviews. You can display reviews on your site to improve SEO, build social proof, and increase conversions. Collectus lets you collect reviews automatically with each order via email. Also, you can import feedbacks from other Shopify review apps to display on your site.

Collectus: Product Reviews; besst Shopify review apps

Moreover, you can customize the review widget and email templates to fit your thee and visual brand identity. Finally, the analytics feature allows you to see review stats at an aggregate or the product level, review response rates, and insights from custom questions and review texts.

#10 Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC

Rating: 5

Okendo is one of the best Shopify review apps on the Shopify app store. The app provides several useful tools to capture and showcase high-impact social proof such as product ratings & reviews, customer photos/videos, and Q&A. Moreover, Okendo helps you collect customer reviews using automatic review request emails. Customers can also add pictures of their products to display their shopping experience with your online store. Moreover, you can push the reviews to Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook, and Instagram to drive traffic and improve your social proof and SEO.

Okendo Product Review and UGC best Shopify review apps

With Okendo, you can make the most of the reviews by using its thorough analytics, which allows you to understand email performance analytics, sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and review performance dashboards. 


Customers feedback is one of the best marketing tools for every online shop owner. You should never underestimate the power of the “word of mouth”. User generate content like customer reviews brings you social proof thus leads to more sales and traffic. In this article we introduced the 10 best Shopify review apps so that you can decide easily.