5 Ways to Increase Your Online Shop Sales With Instagram

5 Ways to Increase Your Online Shop Sales With Instagram

Want to sell more of your online shop products? Want to increase sales with Instagram?

In this article, you will discover how to cultivate a shopping-friendly presence on Instagram.

Turn Your Instagram Profile Into a Storefront

The first step in turning your Instagram followers into buyers is to build a smart profile that is prepared to grab the interest of the customer. 

First, welcome customers to your store in your bio and include a direct call to action. Adding a phone number is also helpful, so customers can connect with you if they need something.

To increase your sales with Instagram, you may need to connect your online shop to your Instagram account. Here you can find an ultimate guide to connecting your online shop to your Instagram profile

If you post to Instagram Stories on a regular basis, create highlights albums to feature your offers, new products, and more. Keep your albums highlight simple with attractive covers.

Design Tip: when people pass by store in the malls or streets, certain signs drive them into the store. Note any visual tricks that the store uses, special offers in the window, and “This has just arrived! “Signs.

Special Offer Sign

Why not apply this trick on your Instagram profile? You can create engaging posts with promotional and offer signs using Simba Designer. We have provided e-commerce elements and promotional stickers to help you create enticing posts. 

2. Brand Your Instagram Profile 

To make your Instagram profile stands out, you should have a consistent brand message. Branding your profile is an important part of your Instagram presence.

Here are some ways to brand your profile and content for easy recognition.

Develop a Style With Your Posts

One way to build brand recognition is to post frequently recognizable pictures. Instagram is a visual platform. Therefore, it’s worth the time it takes to learn how to take photos of your products. If you carefully plan, you can create enough posts to last a few months.

Use a Branded Color Scheme

Pick out standout colors to represent your profile to develop a visual style for Instagram. You can adapt the colors of your logo and use a combination of them for your posts. Or maybe choose color combination checkerboard to give visual interest. Try different combinations of colors to find out what works for you.

Incorporate Brand components to your Instagram posts

Add special branded items that represent your store. so that, your followers feel closer to you and your brand

Choose hashtags your brand reflects 

Hashtags help you spread your message to a broader audience. 

Set up a list of hashtags that reflect your brand, and then analyze them to measure Instagram’s popularity.you can choose combined or long hashtags if you want to find something more unique. However, these hashtags attract a smaller and more focused audience.

increase sales with Instagram

Pick branded hashtags, in addition to choosing the proper hashtags. Branded hashtags will drive your posts and build awareness for the brand so use them all over your profile. The hashtags should be gaining traction as users start noticing your goods.

3. Engage Shoppers With Personalised Instagram Content

An Instagram marketing strategy and branded profile help you build a relationship with potential customers. Since buyers are bombarded by too many different advertisements, there isn’t much time to capture their attention, far less to make them happy. Why should they choose your online shop over others?

Your online store’s relationship with customers is the key to making a profit. Your content and popularity on Instagram are your best selling assets.

Develop a Unique Brand Voice

Create a personal identity for your brand to communicate on a human level with your followers. Using emojis in your captions helps make your brand more personable and available, just like a professional store salesperson.

Share videos of people who use your items too. You can inspire buyers and have a greater chance of making a sale if customers can imagine themselves using your goods.

Support and acknowledge significant brand supporters

Flattery is going to get you there. Your brand supporters play a critical role in social selling; they’re the ones who hear and tell the story as they see it. reposting their posts is a strong selling tool. Not only are you exchanging customer reviews for your products, but by mentioning certain customers on social media, you also demonstrate your gratitude. It is like a thank-you note on their purchase.

Develop real-life situations that inspire advocates to portray your brand and express their appreciation of your products. You can do so by promoting them and granting them rewards and advantages on the next purchase. As a matter of fact, showing them respect and appreciation for who they are, help you build a powerful relationship with your customers. It not only allows them to accept your brand but also to expand it to their own followers.

4. Manage the Shopping Experience on Instagram

Here are a few ways you can manage Instagram’s shopping experience to turn the interest into a deal.

Tag Products in Your Instagram Posts

You can tag your products in your posts using an Instagram Business account. Take full advantage of this feature by adding all your products to Instagram through Shopify, or other solutions. This makes it easy for your followers to see details of the prices and the items. Note that you must set up and be accepted for shopping on Instagram to allow for Instagram shopping. Learn more here.

increase sales with Instagram

5. Partner With Influencers

Instagram introduced new celebrities to the world: social media influencers. Influencers already have built-in distribution lists with broad numbers of fans and are entrusted for their views on what products to purchase. By partnering with influencers, you can leverage their viral reach to grow your list of followers and boost direct sales.


The visual appeal of Instagram makes it a go-to platform for online shop owners to attract followers and potential buyers. And it’s a perfect place to tell a gripping story about your brand.

It’s important to create posts that speak in your own unique brand voice. So, you can turn an Instagram follower into a loyal customer.

Here is an easy formula to remember when creating your Instagram store:

Healthy Content + Confidence + Purchasing Ease = Sale