8 reasons why you should use Simba social media content calendar

8 reasons why you should use Simba social media content calendar

By now, companies publishing more than 16 posts a month obtain 3.5 times more traffic than those posting less than 4. So, in a nutshell, to reach that traffic you should use a social media content calendar.

Why using a social media content calendar for your online shop?

It takes quite a bit of time to create 16 well-researched and useful pieces of content a month. If you don’t have at least some form of plan, it is practically impossible to do that.

And, 63 percent of companies, brands, and businesses don’t have a written plan, which means they’re resorting to an impromptu approach and devise the topics they’re going to cover on the go.

Although the improvised technique is useful for other business areas, content marketing is based on consistency. And, without any strategic planning, that can not be attained.

8 Reasons to use Simba Social Media Content Calendar

A content calendar is a schedule that helps you arrange your upcoming posts by deciding what and when you are publishing it. 

In Simba, we have provided an easy-to-use planner to help you and your online shop perform better and more professionally on social media. You can easily organize your posts, write captions, and set posting date and time. These actions can be done visually to see how your feed looks like and bring in an attractive style. 

Read on to see why you should use Simba planner for your online shop social media channels. 

#1 Keeps you organized and on track

Drafting the content topics on wrinkled pieces of paper, post-it notes, and in your notebook is not a highly effective technique to manage your social media.

Also, when you have too many thoughts, it’s not impossible to wander away from what’s important.

social media content calendar

Your content calendar will give you a clearer understanding of your overall marketing plan. Also, it allows you to find gaps in content, — specifically, if you focus too much on a specific topic while almost conveniently ignoring another subject, and prevent you from missing the deadline.

#2 Perfect for brainstorming

When you start planning the topics of your posts, you are likely to see a spike in creativity that will produce new ideas. 

By monitoring the engagement and feedback of your audience, you will gain valuable information about their preferences. Thus, you can apply to your social media posts and make adjustments.

#3 Helps to maintain consistency

The most important thing in social media marketing is consistency. You cannot achieve your sales target, follower growth, and brand awareness without consistency. ]The secret to being always on the radar of your audience is to give them day to day informative, meaningful, and entertaining content.

Inconsistent posting leads to a kind of out-of-sight-of-mind situation regardless of how much the audience enjoys creating efforts.

You can make use of Simba social media calendar to keep things in order and organized. 

#4 Keeps your audience engaged

You can spontaneously post on social media from time to time, and nothing happens. However, that’s not a method that will work in the long run. When you’re in a rush to publish posts on social media, you might forget that you already talked about that topic two or three weeks ago.

Likewise, randomly chosen subjects that don’t interact with your audience affect your engagement as well.

A content calendar will allow you to publish fresh and relevant content.

#5 Crucial for staying informed about events

Online shop owners have a busy daily schedule. Thus, it’s straightforward for them to forget significant dates and events. You don’t have to remember every holiday and be notified of the Canadian Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, Mother’s Day, or Saint Patrick’s Day.

social media content calendar

Your content calendar, which is scheduled at least one month in advance, will notify you in time to prepare social media and promotional posts and stay ahead of the trend for 

Long story short, this strategy lowers stress and encourages you to take your time. Also, you can craft the best social media post possible for the occasion, rather than to throw up at the last minute.

#6 Allows more driven social media strategies

The biggest brands’ social media accounts in the world often run several campaigns at once — long, medium, and short-term, sponsored, or organic.

When you’ve pinned down your timetable, your brilliant brain is cleared to answer even bigger questions. Do you want to run an Instagram game? Start looking for partners with influencers? Or is it time to get your online shop on LinkedIn?

#7 Create high-quality posts

Managing an online shop is a time-consuming business. Sometimes you need to hire assistants, designers, or marketers to help you win on social media. But when you are just starting your online business, it is not feasible for you to spend that amount of money. 

Simba is here to help you with its all-in-one platform for social media marketing. 

Simba social media Planner helps you efficiently distribute your assets. So, you have the space to maneuver to do your best.

And a long-term view ensures you promote a clear voice and content in the brand that matches your marketing objectives.

#8 Keeps track of your performance

Measuring the performance and impact of your content and your overall marketing strategy is only possible if you monitor your metrics. Also, it is important to define such targets. By keeping an eye on the statistics, you will modify your posts; and give your audience what they enjoy and need on social media. 

Employing a content calendar for your online shop social media profile helps you measure your KPI easily and precisely. 

It’s worth mentioning that you can keep track of your performance with Simba Analyzer. Check out your numbers and see if you have reached your milestones. 


Creating social media posts for your online shop is enjoyable. However, you have to make sure that you won’t do it with an on-the-go approach. Coming up with some ideas on the day you’re about to create your next social media post isn’t going to work. Moreover, it can hurt your social media strategies in the long run.

The secret to success is to match each piece of content with your overall marketing and branding plan and build a precise schedule. And it would be best if you had a comprehensive and accurate content calendar for that just like Simba Planner.

All this will sound like much effort, but once you get around to it, you’ll save a lot of time, energy, and trouble for yourself.

Simba’s all-in-one social media marketing platform can do wonders to grow your ideas, create high-quality content, and distribute it successfully.