10 Best Shopify Upsell Apps To Boost Sales in 2020

10 Best Shopify Upsell Apps To Boost Sales in 2020

Shopify upsell apps are plugins that you can install in your stores. The help online shop owners to create upselling offers along with other features.

You can set up some upselling app when you have selected the items to sell in your Shopify store and start selling.

Here is the list of the best Shopify upsell apps:

  1. Frequently Bought Together
  2. Bold Upsell
  3. Ultimate Special Offers
  4. LimeSpot Personalizer
  5. Upsell Popup
  6. Smart Search & Instant Search
  7. Bold Brain
  8. In-cart Upsell
  9. Discounted Upsell
  10. Also Bought Recommendations

Top Shopify Upsell Apps 

In this article, we introduce some Shopify upsell apps that you can use to get more sales in your Shopify store.

1. Frequently Bought Together

Rating: 4.9

There is a section at the bottom of each product that tells you what other customers purchased with that item if you have ever bought or scrolled a product on Amazon. This Shopify upselling app that is just like that.

Frequently Bought Together is not free and costs $6.99 a month after using your 3-day free trial.

The app analyzes sales from your store and recommends what items your customers can buy.

You can do the following options wih this app;

  • You can set the number of related products
  • Customize the upsell list on the web page.
  • If you don’t want automatic products, pick a new item to recommend.
  • If the consumer wishes to buy your upsell suggestion, produce discounts in percentage value.

Since the app is not free, store owners who already have a steady stream of revenue can use it best. In this way, the app will evaluate what sells the most and make the offer based on information powered by data.

2. Bold Upsell – Upsell Smarter

Rating: 4.6

Bold Upsell isn’t free, and after the 14-day free trial, it will cost you $9.99.

This application will upsell and cross-sell items like pop-ups. If the user wants it, he needs to click on it.

For instance, If the client buys shoes, the app can display socks or show a higher-priced pair of shoes.

Here are the benefits of this app.

  • Allows up to three upsells to be offered one after another
  • Build numerous promotions based on the initial purchase or product range
  • Adjust the second and third deals if the first upsell or cross-sell is refused 
  • Offer different items by product type or price
  • Integrate with other applications to help you offer to upsell during checkout

This upsell application, is the best solution for online store owners that want to use the app with other applications. 

3. Ultimate Special Offers

Rating: 4.1

Ultimate Special Offers is one of the best Shopify upsell apps you can find. Because it helps you build several deals such as upselling, bundles, bulk or volume pricing, and so much more.

The application is also not free. After the 10-day free trial, it will cost you $19 a month to use it.


  • Discount- deliver low prices on any item or series of your selection to the customers.
  • Buy One, Get One – You may give consumers a form of discount here, where they get two items of the same kind for the price of one. You can also set it in such a way that consumers can select a free different item.
  • Bulk Discounts –You can offer wholesalers bulk discounts. You may configure the app to give a discount in percentage values or at fixed rates.

Store owners best use the app following large or volume transactions rather than selling a single product. The app enables you to bundle items at a lower price, too.

4. LimeSpot Personalizer

Rating: 4.8

LimeSpot Personalizer is an app that allows you to build grids or carousel templates for your suggestions on upsell.

It costs $10 a month, and you have just 15 days to use it free of charge. The app’s value proposition is that you can use it for free before the app increases your revenue by 5x the app’s monthly cost.

Here are the main advantages of using Personalizer.

  • The app shows the popular and trending items according to the performance of your shop.
  • Has analytics that will display you the app’s revenue against your total income
  • Analytics showing CTR in real-time, product view per visitor, average order size, and more
  • Upsell and cross-sell features within the shopping cart

For store owners who are heading towards big analytics, this app is best. Much like the other applications, the app can embrace upselling and cross-selling. Still, it capitalizes on research that can help you make better deals and change the pricing accordingly.

5. Upsell Popup

Rating: 4.6

This Shopify upsell app creates a pop-up that shows the customer an offer, as the name implies. This pop-up happens when a customer first enters your store or is about to leave your site.

The application is free to use, and the following advantages will be granted to you.

  • Make coupons and other promotions such as free shipping and exclusive pricing
  • Make pop-ups if specific requirements are met, including the number of products
  • Collect subscribers emails
  • Pop-up windows offer discounts

This app is best used for those beginners who are still in the marketing experiment process.

The app is free. You can use it to find out more about upselling before you agree to pay for other applications that have a monthly subscription.

6. Smart Search & Instant Search

Rating: 4.8

The best upselling Shopify application is one that big business uses. The Smart Search & Instant Search app is free to download, and you’ll have a 14-day free trial to check the features not included in the free edition.

The stuff that you can do with it is here:

  • Analytics
  • Build upselling and cross-selling blocks, regarding product types and categories
  • Use the upsell and cross-sell feature to personalize the customer experience where you can make exclusive offers
  • Choose how the to upsell widget will appear, what items it will show, and on which page it will appear

It’s better used by store owners who would like to see how their offers perform. This app’s analytics tool is so efficient that you can display what customers click, purchase, and check for.

7. Bold Brain

Rating: 3.7

For people looking for applications that use artificial intelligence, Bold Brain Shopify upsell app is the answer.

It has a free version, but the complete suite will cost you $19.99 a month plus 2 percent of the widget’s revenue.

The app evaluates the information that comes from the operations of your shop. It selects the best offer your customer will likely buy from these details.

You can do the following things with this app:

  • Widget –This is the sector in which the recommendation will appear
  • Offers – The app will decide the items to be displayed as top-rated and items recently purchased by other customers.
  • Product Views – The app will display recently viewed items, including new products recently added to the store.

This app is useful for people needing an overview that positions customer types into groups or categories. You will customize and email campaigns to personalize the promotions once you do this.

8. In-Cart Upsell

Rating: 4.8

In-Cart Upsell is a free upselling app for Shopify that focuses on advanced targeting features and artificial intelligence.

It has a free version, but if you subscribe to the Beginner or the Advanced packages, you can also get more features.

The app’s value proposition is that it does not annoy the user as pop-ups do, and you can set terms when the offer is displayed.

Here are the proposed plans and what you can do with them.

  • Free – There is only one offer available at any time.
  • Beginner – It costs $14 a month; you can build up to 25 offers, and the geo-targeting feature will also be available. You can create promotions unique to regions or locations here.
  • Professional – It’ll cost you $39 a month, and you can build up to 500 different offers. The A / B testing analysis can be used in this plan, where you can build two versions of a single offer and see which one is more efficient.

Use this app when you need many offers to create.

9. Discounted Upsells

Rating: 4.3

Discounted Upsells comes with a free trial of 7 days so that you can try all its characteristics. It has a free version, but if your Shopify is already in its trial version, you can only use it.

It focuses on allowing you to make discounted offers in your shop and leverages the potential of cross-selling, too.

Different plans and their prices per month:

  • Basic – $19.99
  • Professional – $29.99
  • Advanced – $44.99

Despite your plan, the app allows you to create a “Buy one get one” offer. You can also b create discounts like 50% off or buy two, get 50 percent off on the other.

For store operators who want to build combinations of offers with a particular emphasis on discounting, this application is best.

10. Also Bought Recommendations

Rating: 4.9

Also Bought Recommendations is one of the Top Shop upsell apps as the ranking indicates.

It costs $9.99 a month, but you can try it for 30 days free of charge.

Also Bought Recommendation displays the items that other customers have purchased along with the goods they use.

It uses a special analysis where previous sales are logged and the app ‘s top-sellers are recommended in its cross-selling network.

Shopify upsell apps


  • Show the product sliders that display the most purchased products in your shop.
  • Customizable position of the widget; you can choose where to locate the slider.

This app is better used by people who don’t want to manually pick whether to upsell and cross-sell. Its success depends on the algorithm and the data it receives from your sales statistics.


Upselling is one of the sales tactics that any salesman should use to increase their sales and revenue. We have introduced some of the best Shopify upsell apps in this article. However, we suggest that you first think about how you want to handle your upsell and cross-sell strategy before deciding which app to purchase.

If you don’t have anything yet, check your traffic and drive more traffic, review your pricing and profit margins. And then determine whether you can sell discounts or packages competitively.