How to leverage social media design in your online shop sales strategies

How to leverage social media design in your online shop sales strategies

Looking to boost sales and take your online shop revenue to the next level? The best way to get started is to implement online shop sales strategies and tactics that are already proven to work with the touch of practical social media design.  Design opens up valuable business opportunities. Its effectiveness is often underestimated, but good design can bring profitable results. Simba Designer provides unlimited possibilities to create e-commerce social media posts to promote your sales tactics and strategies. Hence, you can get new customers and build a strong community of online users. 

1. Boost your income with discounts and seasonal sales 

Holiday and seasonal sales represent 30% of all yearly sales for most online shop owners. Considering this, it foretells well for you to utilize holidays and seasons to help sales with special discounts. 

Pretty much anything can be a reason for an exceptional sale: back-to-school sales, Black Friday, Mother’s Day, Canada Day, Summer deals, Winter deals, and so on.

Design Tip: To promote your discount and help more people see it, you have to create an eye-catching announcement. There are many ways to implement this tactic to boost sales using social media design. 

Use the Simba Designer pre-made templates and discount elements to save time and get inspired while creating promotional social media posts. 

You can choose between dozens of seasonal sales and discount templates and customize fonts, colors, and text. From the sidebar, find elements to add free promotional vectors to entice your audience.

2. Cross-sell with product bundles 

Accessories, related products, and add-ons are a great way of boosting the customer’s journey. Cross-selling is a great idea to get visitors to make impulse purchases, without thinking about whether they need it.

That points to bigger and more profitable sales for you!

Let’s say the customer wants to buy a pair of shoes, and they will be prompted to get some extra items that match the shoes and complete their style.

Design Tip: To get the most of your cross-sell, you can create carousels to show different products that complement each other. You can add up to 10 pictures on a single Instagram post, and four photos for a single post on Twitter. It’s worth mentioning that Facebook doesn’t have any limitations for posting pictures. Fancy up your posts with Simba Designer using tailor-made templates and free elements

3. Upsell; make more money out of every purchase.

Upselling is a marketing strategy that persuades buyers to spend more money than they initially intended, and making their sales more profitable. 

This means persuading people to buy:: 

  • More expensive goods 
  • Upgrades 
  • Add-ons 

Upselling is different from cross-selling, which relies on getting people to buy complementary items with the original product. Upselling can be used in various stages of your customer journey.

You can add upsells:

  • On your homepage and category pages
  • On your product page
  • During checkout
  • After checkout
  • Even in abandoned cart emails

Design Tip: You can promote your upselling products by creating comparison posts on social media. Add your products to the canvas and use icons and elements to highlight the differences. You can also use opposite colors to create a bold statement about the product you wish to upsell.

online shop sales strategies


4. Provide free shipping when possible

Free shipping is an integral part of the online customer experience. If a potential sale depends on the shipping options you provide, you’d better give people what they want.

Other shipping options you can use are:

  • Only offer free shipping on certain occasions.
  • Offer free shipping to a particular group of customers only.
  • Free ship-to-store option

Design Tip: It is vital to make sure that our customers know the free delivery option you provide for a specific amount of time. For that, you need to create promotional posts for your social media with Simba Designer. Choose a background that matches your feed and add shipping and delivery vectors from the elements tab on the sidebar. Write promising captions and headlines to convert your visitors. 

online shop sales strategies

5. Recover abandoned carts 

Recovering abandoned carts is one of the most important online shop sales strategies. It is a common incident that happens for almost every online store. Cart abandonment is when a consumer adds a product to their online shop cart and then leaves the site without finishing the checkout process. According to research by Baymard, the average rate of abandonment of online carts is around 70%.

During the shopping, customers may have been disturbed, irritated with the process, or decided to wait until later to complete the purchase. In a world where everybody is distracted, though, too many individuals end up forgetting their carts.

There are some strategies to recover your stores abandoned carts such as: 

  • Understand the reasons behind cart abandonment
  • Shorten and simplify the checkout
  • Be upfront about shipping costs (or offer free shipping)
  • Offer guest checkout
  • Consider accepting additional forms of payment

To conclude 

If you take your e-commerce business seriously and want to see it thrive, then these powerful and proven online shop sales strategies and tactics are what you should be using. The good news is that you don’t need to hire marketers and designers to help you implement these tactics. How cool is that? 

All you have to do is to plan these tactics and design posts with Simba Designer, and watch as your revenue soars!

Don’t forget to look at your products, your customers, and your Simba Analyzer to get a better idea of which of these tactics would work best for you. 

And let us know in the comments which of these techniques are new to you, and which ones you’re going to use for your e-shop.